History of Ultrasound in the Philippines
Dr. Dorita Paylago Evangelista, MD, MHA, FPCR, FUSP, FPCHA

Dr. Dorita Paylago Evangelista, MD, MHA, FPCR, FUSP, FPCHA Ultrasound was first introduced into the country in 1973, when the Makati Medical Center acquired a Picker ultrasound machine. It was mainly for diagnosis. It was handled by Dr. Crisanto Vito Cruz, who had the only training in ultrasound. In the latter part of October 1973, Dr. Carlos J. Marquez, Chairman of the Department of Radiology, after undergone training in the Marien Krakenhaus, Hamburg, West Germany, became the ultrasonologist of the Makati Medical Center until 1975, when he authorized Dr. Vicente V. Romano, Jr. to operate the ultrasound machine. Medical Center Manila also purchased an ultrasound unit under Dr. Vito Cruz. University of Santo Tomas Hospital followed suit with the acquisition of a gray scale ultrasound unit with analogue scan converter in 1977, which was handled by Dr. Alfonso Doria. In 1978, Makati Medical Center purchased the first gray scale unit with digital scan converter. With ultrasound accepted as valuable diagnostic modality, several hospitals organized their respective ultrasound sections until such time that ultrasound units are all over the country, but mostly concentrated in Metro Manila. The number of practicing sonologists in 1988 was about one hundred twenty (120).

The organization of the ultrasonologists came about during the time of Dr. Ronaldo Asuncion as Philippine College of Radiology President, when the Board of Directors approved that subspecialty societies should be organized. Dr. Alfonso Doria was given the task of organizing the subspecialty in ultrasound. It was only in 1983 when Philippine Association of Radiologists in Ultrasound Medicine (PORUM), was organized with very few members. It grew to forty one (41) members in the latter part of 1983. The first set of officers of the PORUM were: Drs. Alfonso Doria President, Eduardo Leano 1st President, Irineo Villano Secretary, Loreto Manaloto Treasurer, Antonio Mar Pacifico Auditor and Emilio Baltazar PRO. They were inducted at the Sulo Hotel by Dr. Honorato Piedad. Scientific meetings were conducted to augment the knowledge of ultrasonologists. Up to 1986 Dr. Doria was the President of the PORUM.

In the latter part of 1986, in the meeting held at the Quezon City Sports Club, Dr. Vicente V. Romano, Jr. was designated as President. He was given the authority by the Philippine College of Radiology Board of Directors to reorganize the society and suggested that the name be changed to Ultrasound Society of the Philippines (USP) since the name was more appropriate. The Constitution formulated by the PORUM was revised and that only fellows of the Philippine College of Radiology (PCR) could be admitted to the society. Several meetings were held to reorganize the society. The first USP officers elected on August 29, 1987 were: Drs. Vicente V. Romano, Jr. President, Roberto V. Ramos Vice President, Dr. Mercy Go Santi Secretary, Emilio G. Baltazar Treasurer and Emmanuel Carandang PRO. Dr. Antonio Chavez was Chairman of the Constitution and By laws while Dr Heidi Herminia C. Santos was Chairperson of the Scientific Meetings and Continuing Medical Education.

On October 18, 1988, the society was registered with Securities and Exhange Commission as a non profit, non stock organization.

On January 21, 1989, the Ultrasound Society of the Philippines elected nine (9) Board of Directors who elected among themselves the USP officers for 1989.

All members of the Philippine College of Radiology, practicing in the country automatically became fellows of the USP, by grandfather’s clause. They were inducted on April 28, 1989 at Club Filipino together with the new USP officers.

The Philippine Board of Ultrasound (PBU) was formed in 1989. Initially there were three (3) members of the Board of Examiners. The first USP Board of Examiners, the PBU were: Dr Vicente V. Romano, Jr. As Chairman and Drs. Braulio Sto. Domingo and Roberto V. Ramos as members. The first USP board examination was on December 3, 1990 held at Sulo Hotel, Quezon City. There were twenty six (26) PCR fellows who took the PBU.

In 1991, the USP organized a Visayas Mindanao Chapter. During the PCR USP joint convention on November 16, 1991, induction of officers at the Cagayan De Oro City was held. The first USP officers of Visayas Mindanao Chapter were: Drs. Glenn A.M. Catedral - President, Vicente Cabahug - Vice President, Denia Mapalo - Secretary/Treasurer, Pablo Estacion, Jr. - PRO, Estelita Gozo Dy, Andrea Sayo and Braulio Sto. Domingo as Board members.

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